Creates a nf-core pipeline matching the current organization’s specification based on a template.

class nf_core.create.PipelineCreate(name, description, author, new_version='1.0dev', no_git=False, force=False, outdir=None)

Creates a nf-core pipeline a la carte from the nf-core best-practise template.

  • name (str) – Name for the pipeline.
  • description (str) – Description for the pipeline.
  • author (str) – Authors name of the pipeline.
  • new_version (str) – Version flag. Semantic versioning only. Defaults to 1.0dev.
  • no_git (bool) – Prevents the creation of a local Git repository for the pipeline. Defaults to False.
  • force (bool) – Overwrites a given workflow directory with the same name. Defaults to False. May the force be with you.
  • outdir (str) – Path to the local output directory.

Initialises the new pipeline as a Git repository and submits first commit.


Creates the nf-core pipeline.

Launches cookiecutter, that will ask for required pipeline information.


Runs cookiecutter to create a new nf-core pipeline.