Core team

The core team members who administer the nf-core project are listed below:

We regularly review members - if you'd like to be involved, drop us a message on Slack.

All nf-core community members are expected to adhere to our code of conduct.


The nf-core project came about at the start of 2018. Phil Ewels (@ewels) was the head of the development facility at NGI Stockholm (National Genomics Infrastructure), part of SciLifeLab in Sweden.

The NGI had been developing analysis pipelines for use with it's genomics data for several years and started using a set of standards for each pipeline created. This helped other people run the pipelines on their own systems; typically Swedish research groups at first, but later on other groups and core genomics facilities too such as QBIC in Tübingen.

As the number of users and contributors grew, the pipelines began to outgrow the SciLifeLab and NGI branding. To try to open up the effort into a truly collaborative project, nf-core was created and all relevant pipelines moved to this new GitHub Organisation.

The early days of nf-core were greatly shaped by Alex Peltzer (@apeltzer), Sven Fillinger (@sven1103) and Andreas Wilm (@andreas-wilm). Without them, the project would not exist.