Google Cloud Life Sciences Configuration

To be used with the google profile by specifying the -profile google when running nf-core pipelines.

Google Cloud

Quick Start

nextflow run nf-core/rnaseq -profile test,google --google_bucket <gs://your_bucket/work>

Required Parameters


The Google Cloud Storage bucket location to be used as a Nextflow work directory. Can also be specified with (-w gs://your_bucket/work).

Optional Parameters


The Google zone where the computation is executed in Compute Engine VMs. Multiple zones can be provided separating them by a comma. Default (europe-west2-c).


Enables the usage of preemptible virtual machines with a retry error statergy for up to 5 retries. Default (true).


Copies the /google debug directory from the VM to the task bucket directory. Useful for debugging. Default (false).

Cloud Life Sciences Setup

Please refer to the Google Cloud and Nextflow documentation which describe how to setup the Google Cloud environment.

Config file

See config file on GitHub

// Nextflow config file for running on Google Cloud Life Sciences
params {
    config_profile_description = 'Google Cloud Life Sciences Profile'
    config_profile_contact = 'Evan Floden, Seqera Labs (@evanfloden)'
    config_profile_url = ''
    google_zone = 'europe-west2-c'
    google_bucket = false
    google_debug = false
    google_preemptible = true
process.executor = 'google-lifesciences' = params.google_zone
google.lifeSciences.debug = params.google_debug
workDir = params.google_bucket
google.lifeSciences.preemptible = params.google_preemptible
if (google.lifeSciences.preemptible) {
    process.errorStrategy = { task.exitStatus in [8,10,14] ? 'retry' : 'terminate' }
    process.maxRetries = 5
process.machineType = { task.memory > task.cpus * 6.GB ? ['custom', task.cpus, task.cpus * 6656].join('-') : null }