We use a few different tools to organise the nf-core community - you are welcome to join us at any or all!

GitHub twitter mastodon YouTube Slack LinkedIn Bluesky

All nf-core community members are expected to adhere to the nf-core code of conduct

If your question is about Nextflow and not directly related to nf-core, please use the Slack community chat or the discussion forum on GitHub.


If you would like help with running nf-core pipelines, Slack is the best place to start.

Slack is a real-time messaging tool, with discussion split into channels and groups. We use it to provide help to people running nf-core pipelines, as well as discussing development ideas.

Once you have registered, you can access the nf-core slack at https://nfcore.slack.com/ (NB: No hyphen!)

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GitHub organisation

If you encounter a bug or have a suggestion, please create an issue on the repository for that pipeline.

We use GitHub to manage all of the code written for nf-core. It's a fantastic platform and provides a huge number of tools. We have a GitHub organisation called nf-core which we use to give access to collaborators for editing and reviewing code.

To join the GitHub organisation, please introduce yourself and what you want to work on in nf-core on the #github-invitations Slack channel and we'll send an invite.

nf-core on GitHub


The @nf_core twitter account sends automated tweets whenever a new pipeline release is tagged. Relevant news and events are also tweeted.

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Our mastodon account @nf_core@mstdn.science toots about pipeline releases and engages with the Mastodon Nextflow / open-science community.

Feel free to follow if you use Mastodon, whatever server you're using!


The nf-core YouTube channel is used for tutorial videos and has a playlist to collect recordings of presentations about nf-core from across the web. See https://www.youtube.com/@nf-core

Gather Town

nf-core has a virtual meeting workspace on gather.town for collaboration. You can request access from the nf-core Slack under the #gather-town channel

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Follow nf-core on LinkedIn to keep up to date with what's new in the community.

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Follow @nf-co.re on Bluesky to discover new pipeline releases and upcoming events.

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