This page is intended for anyone coming to the Nextflow and nf-core community when representing a company or corporate interest.

Firstly - welcome! We are an open and inclusive community and encourage everyone to be involved. Here we try to set out some guidelines to act as guard-rails for activity, both for the benefit of community members but also so that you feel comfortable that you are interacting with the community in acceptable ways.

Code of conduct

The code of conduct applies to everyone active in the community. Two points are particularly worth highlighting, which are not allowed:

  • Sending unsolicited direct-messages or emails solely for marketing purposes to community members.
  • Posting in nf-core spaces specifically to criticise or detract from Nextflow and nf-core solely for the purposes of promoting alternatives.

Contravening these, or any of the behaviours listed in the code of conduct, will likely result in an immediate ban.

Slack channels

Please refrain from posting about your products and services in Slack, with some exceptions:

  • The #shameless-promo channel
    • This channel is designed specifically for promotion of personal and commercial projects relevant to the nf-core community.
    • “Relevant” means that a significant chunk of the people reading the message may find it useful for their daily work.
    • See above code of conduct points. Posting that tool XYZ is better than Nextflow / nf-core and advertising it as an alternative is not ok.
  • In reply to active discussions
    • If your tool or product is relevant to an ongoing discussion, it’s ok to mention it.
    • For example: “The things you’re trying to achieve can be done with tool XYZ, let me know if you would like more details.”
    • Please use common sense: don’t swamp the thread and push too hard.

Posts that the nf-core core team / safety team deem to violate these principles will be deleted, and the authors may be banned.

If in doubt, please reach out to one of the core team to ask if your idea is ok or not.

Slack direct messages

Unsolicited direct messages (DMs) for marketing purposes are explicitly forbidden in our community. Indeed, unsolicited DMs for any reason are strongly discouraged.

For example, sending DMs to community members such as the following is not ok:

Hi XXX! I work at YYY and we’re building the future of computational biology. We’re launching a new tool and are looking for beta testers, and you seem to match the profile that we’re looking for. Please let us know if you’d like us to sign you up!

Please use public channels such as #shameless-promo instead of doing this.

The only time that it’s acceptable to reach out to a community member via DM is if you have been discussing something with that person in a public channel and they have shown explicit interest. You may then follow up with them via a DM.

Please try to keep as much discussion in public channels as possible.

Job adverts

Feel free to post any job adverts into the #jobs Slack channel.