The Neuroimaging Special Interest Group aims to accelerate the integration of Nextflow and nf-core in all fields of neuroimaging. Its first goal is to put in place guidelines and standards tailored for neuroimaging. Its second is to create educational content and a common base of tailored modules and subworkflows for neuroimaging purposes, in order to streamline the integration of Nextflow and nf-core pipelines in neuroimaging, and of new researchers in the nf-core community.

To do so, the SIG need to indentify :

  1. Common use-cases and challenges of neuroimaging with Nextflow and nf-core
  2. Educational requirements to get the neuroimaging field in line with Nextflow and nf-core
  3. Nextflow and nf-core practices that need to translate to neuroimaging
  4. Good practices in neuroimaging that could or need to translate to Nextflow and nf-core


Initial activities will involve recruitment of researchers from other neuroimaging fields into the Special Interest Group, and a monthly meeting to put in place the required knowledge. Other activities will be added once a first meeting has taken place.