Version history

Update memory requirements for FDR scoring and output visualization -> Fixes AWS full test

Optional BioReplicate annotation for MSstats Optional mzTab output Template update to 1.13.3

DIAlignR update -> Chromatogram alignment speed up Full size test set fix

Update DIAlignR version

  • Bug fixes in particular for library generation, merging and alignment

DIAlignR parallelization and more parameters

Updates on parameters and DIAlignR including bugfixes and parallelization

First release containing all basic functionalities for high-throughput DIA-SWATH based proteomics and peptidomics:

  • Sample sheet input for large batches of MS runs
  • EasyPQP spectral library generation
  • Spectral library RT alignment and merging
  • OpenSwath DIA spectral library search
  • Pyprophet global and local FDR scoring
  • DIAlignR chromatogram alignment and quantification
  • MSstats integration for the comparison of experimental conditions
  • Diagnostic output visualization