Common utility functions for the nf-core python package.

nf_core.utils.check_if_outdated(current_version=None, remote_version=None, source_url='')

Check if the current version of nf-core is outdated


Uses Nextflow to retrieve the the configuration variables from a Nextflow workflow.

  • Parameters: wf_path (str) – Nextflow workflow file system path.
  • Returns: Workflow configuration settings.
  • Return type: dict

nf_core.utils.poll_nfcore_web_api(api_url, post_data=None)

Poll the nf-core website API

Takes argument api_url for URL

Expects API reponse to be valid JSON and contain a top-level ‘status’ key.


Sets up local caching for faster remote HTTP requests.

Caching directory will be set up in the user’s home directory under a .nfcore_cache subdir.

nf_core.utils.wait_cli_function(poll_func, poll_every=20)

Display a command-line spinner while calling a function repeatedly.

Keep waiting until that function returns True

  • Parameters:
    • poll_func (function) – Function to call
    • poll_every (int) – How many tenths of a second to wait between function calls. Default: 20.
  • Returns: None. Just sits in an infite loop until the function returns True.