The special interest group aims to bring together users of Nextflow/nf-core, and developers involved in animal genomics pipelines. The main focus of this group will be to identify the pipelines best suited for animal genomics analysis, and how to deploy these pipelines while integrating the best practices of Nextflow-based bioinformatic pipelines.

Many members of this community are transitioning from Nextflow - and other Workflow Managers - into nf-core and the group will be a discussion forum on how this transition process can be progressively and effectively implemented in labs of all sizes.

Finally, the group will be a place where users can share their experience with nf-core pipelines and alternatives specifically for animal genomics analyses.


The format will involve a monthly meeting featuring a presentation and round table discussions on pre-identified topics. The presentation will typically feature novel ongoing efforts in animal genomics (new consortiums, new calls, etc). The discussion will often be a follow-up on the talk.