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Neodymium Newt

This minor release is focused on updating container image locations to host as much as possible on

What’s Changed

Full Changelog:…1.3.2

What’s Changed

Full Changelog:…1.3.1

[1.3.0] - 2023-05-31


Special thanks to the following for their contributions to the release:

Thank you to everyone else that has contributed by reporting bugs, enhancements or in any other way, shape or form.

What’s Changed

Full Changelog:…1.3.0

What’s Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog:…1.2.0


  • #63 Replace local bcl_demultiplex subworkflow with nf-core version (@matthdsm)
  • #63 Add bases_demultiplex local subworkflow (@matthdsm)
  • #63 Replace fastqc with falco for speedier QC, fixes Replace fastqc with falco #62 (@matthdsm)
  • #64 Add subway map by @nvnieuwk
  • #70 Make tools and trimming optional (@matthdsm)
  • #71 Add nf-test (@emiller88)


  • #78 Nextflow minimal version is now 22.10.1


  • #63 Fix MultiQC report inputs, fixes MultiQC report is empty (@matthdsm)
  • #67 Enable institutional configs (@emiller88)
  • #83 Fix skip_tools (@glichtenstein)
  • #80 When NoLaneSplitting is true the process fails because of a glob. See nf-core/modules #2745. (@matthdsm)
  • #79 Update link in docs to samplesheet (@glichtenstein & @emiller88)

Initial release of nf-core/demultiplex, created with the nf-core template.


  • #38 - Add FastP
  • #39 - Add FastQC
  • #51 - Add bases2fastq