Checks the GitHub Actions awsfulltest is valid.

In addition to small test datasets run on GitHub Actions, we provide the possibility of testing the pipeline on full size datasets on AWS. This should ensure that the pipeline runs as expected on AWS and provide a resource estimation.

The GitHub Actions workflow is called awsfulltest.yml, and it can be found in the .github/workflows/ directory.


This workflow incurs AWS costs, therefore it should only be triggered for pipeline releases: release (after the pipeline release) and workflow_dispatch.


You can manually trigger the AWS tests by going to the Actions tab on the pipeline GitHub repository and selecting the nf-core AWS full size tests workflow on the left.


For tests on full data prior to release, Nextflow Tower launch feature can be employed.

The .github/workflows/awsfulltest.yml file is tested for the following:

  • Must be turned on workflow_dispatch.
  • Must be turned on for release with types: [published]
  • Should run the profile test_full that should be edited to provide the links to full-size datasets. If it runs the profile test, a warning is given.