New post! Tube map of the reportho pipeline

A gentle introduction to nf-core/reportho

The nf-core pipeline for comparing ortholog predictions

New post! Subway diagram of the calingcards pipeline

nf-core/callingcards - first release!

The nf-core callingcards workflow

New post! Picture of a daisy chain on a table with the nf-core apple logo on each of the foreground flowers.

Maintainers Minutes: July 2024

Keeping you informed of the latest maintainers discussions

New post! Photo of a apple being cut into wedges.

Faster nf-core website builds

Divide et impera

New post! Subway diagram of the fastquorum pipeline

nf-core/fastquorum - first release!

The nf-core fgbio Best Practices FASTQ to Consensus Pipeline

New post! Person using macbook pro and holding cappuccino

Introducing nf-core office hours

A new initiative - weekly drop-in sessions to connect and work together.

New post! Sad looking cartoon yellow rubber duck with nf-core logo badge on it's body, with a large blue tear coming out of it's eye.

Maintainers Minutes: June 2024

Keeping you informed of the latest maintainers discussions

New post! Drake meme, with top image showing Drake with his hand in his face in a 'don't bother me gesture' next to the text 'Actual programming', then the bottom image of him pointing like 'now that's more like it' with 'Debating for 30 minutes on how to name a subworkflow' text next to it.

Maintainers Minutes: May 2024

Keeping you informed of the latest maintainers discussions

New post!

nf-core/tools - 2.14.0

Spring cleaning 🧹

New post! Mount Skierfe outlined showing the inspiration for the Sarek logo

nf-core/sarek paper

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

New post! Photo by Hudson Hintze on Unsplash

Special Interest Groups

A new place to collaborate with others working in your field

New post! Wodden attic with empty shelves

nf-core/tools - 2.13.0

Out with the old, in with the new

New post! Viking core team

core team retreat

Why not come to Stockholm in February? 🥶

New post! Screenshot of the nf-core-bot fix linting comment

nf-core/tools - 2.12.0

TUI or not TUI? That is the question.

New post! Green apples cut in various ways laying on an bright orange surface

Hello nf-core world

A new blog for nf-core is launched! Here’s what you can expect.

New post!

Data management

How to plan your project, estimate resources, and share your results.