Greetings, nf-core Community

Today marks the launch of the nf-core blog, a new avenue for keeping our community informed and connected. This blog will serve as a central hub for in-depth updates and discussions.

Our Vision for the Blog

This platform is created with the intent to:

  • Share substantive updates from our community’s activities. For example, descriptions of features included in a pipeline release.
  • Provide clarity on decisions made by the core and maintainers’ group.
  • Offer recaps of nf-core events and hackathons.
  • Announce and detail updates to nf-core tools.

Content Snapshot

Expect concise, informative posts covering:

  • Community News: Insights into our collective advancements and achievements.
  • Technical Insights: Explanations of decisions and updates from our technical leadership.
  • Event Highlights: Overviews of key takeaways from various nf-core gatherings.
  • Tool Updates: Announcements and insights into the latest nf-core tool releases.
  • Other Topics: Other topics relevant to the nf-core community.

All contributions need to align with the nf-core code of conduct.

Contribution Made Easy

Contributing to this blog is quite straight forward. You just need to add a markdown (or MDX) file to the src/content/blog/<year> folder. The file name title of the post separated by dashes. For example, hello-nf-core-world.mdx. Fill in the frontmatter (the stuff between the three dashes on the top of the markdown files) and start writing your post.

Follow Along

Similar to the events page, also our blog posts come with an RSS feed. Subscribe to it at to stay up to date with the latest posts. Alternatively, you can also receive the latest posts by joining the #nf-core-blog Slack channel.

Published on
12 January 2024