Check for template placeholders.

The nf-core create pipeline template uses Jinja behind the scenes.

This lint test fails if any Jinja template variables such as {{ pipeline_name }} are found in your pipeline code.

Finding a placeholder like this means that something was probably copied and pasted from the template without being properly rendered for your pipeline.

This test ignores any double-brackets prefixed with a dollar sign, such as ${{ secrets.AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID }} as these placeholders are used in GitHub Actions workflows.


You can choose to ignore lint test tests by editing the file called .nf-core.yml in the root of your pipeline and setting the test to false:

  template_strings: False

To disable this test only for specific files, you can specify a list of file paths to ignore. For example, to ignore a pdf you added to the docs:

    - docs/my_pdf.pdf