PR Review Checklist for nf-core components

A PR review is the process of examining a new component submission or the changes proposed to a component. The reviewer provides constructive feedback on those changes before they are merged into the nf-core repository.The goal of a PR review is to ensure that the code meets the coding standards of the project, is consistent and of high-quality.

While the team of maintainers is responsible for overseeing the PR review process for components, these guidelines can assist community members in reviewing PRs and ensure that the review process is consistent and effective. The following is a collection of community suggestions to have into account during the review process.

General reviews of submissions to components:

In general, the main purpose of the review is to ensure

Otherwise, you can cover most of the specifications by checking for the following:

In modules/nf-core/modulename/

In ../tests/modules/nf-core/modulename/ and ../tests/modules/nf-core/modulename/meta.yml: