Configuration of Gitpod

Within each git repository, the main file that controls the Gitpod environment is the .gitpod.yml file, which contains the instructions on which environment to build and which tools to install.

For example, check out the nf-core modules .gitpod.yml file here. The majority of nf-core Gitpod YAML files look like this, with two sections:

  1. image: this pulls the nf-core image nfcore/gitpod:latest into Gitpod, which contains nextflow and nf-core scripts and other essential tools such as Docker.

  2. vscode: this allows the source-code editor vscode extensions within your environment.

Configuring your own custom Gitpod environment

There are a few more common adaptations to ./gitpod.yml files, which include:

  1. github: this allows configuration of Github. e.g. allowing Gitpod to create prebuilds for branches.
  2. ports: this opens a port to serve traffic to a public URL. This is used within the nf-core webpage yml (see:
  3. tasks: this tells Gitpod to run particular jobs. Usually you will see the following:

- init: sections that can be used to install packages as a pre-build, so it doesn’t have to run each time you open an environment.

- command: sections that execute the given lines of code on every workspace startup.

For more detailed information about these settings, check out the extensive docs at Gitpod here.