Test a module

If you are contributing to the nf-core/modules repository and want to bump bioconda and container versions of certain modules, you can use the nf-core modules bump-versions helper tool. This will bump the bioconda version of a single or all modules to the latest version and also fetch the correct Docker and Singularity container tags.

nf-core modules bump-versions fastqc

If you don’t want to update certain modules or want to update them to specific versions, you can make use of the .nf-core.yml configuration file. For example, you can prevent the star/align module from being updated by adding the following to the .nf-core.yml file:

  star/align: False

If you want this module to be updated only to a specific version (or downgraded), you could instead specifiy the version:

  star/align: '2.6.1d'