How to add yourself to the community page

In case you couldn’t find your institution / group of contributors on the community pages, please add yourself. All you need to add is a few lines of YAML and your institution’s logo.

  1. Fork the repository nf-core/nf-core to your own GitHub account. Look here for advice on how to fork a GitHub project.

  2. In your own fork, modify the YAML file contributors.yaml in the text editor of your choice.

  3. Fill in the details about you and your institution directly into the YAML file:

    • full_name: Full Name of the Institution
    • short_name: Short Name of the Institution (e.g. an acronym)
    • description: Short description of the main activities of the Institution (see contributors.yaml for examples)
    • address: Postal Address
    • url: Institution URL
    • affiliation: Affiliation - could be the subunit or department of your institution where you work (if Fancy University is the Institution, then Affiliation would be the McFancyDepartment)
    • affiliation_url: Affiliation URL
    • image_fn: Logo filename (see below)
    • contact: Your Name
    • contact_email: Your E-Mail
    • contact_github: Your GitHub username
    • location: Institute location in geocoordinates format ([<longitude>, <latitude>])
    • twitter: URL of the institutional twitter account, if available
  4. Next, add two versions of your institutional logo in SVG format with the name that you have described in the YAML file under image_fn:

    • Upload a white version to the folder public_html/assets/img/contributors-white/. It must be a single monochrome shape with no background colour.
    • Upload a colour version to the folder public_html/assets/img/contributors-colour/.
    • See the website repository for examples in white and colour.
    • Both images should have the same name - if you define image_fn: foobar.svg in the YAML file, then both files should be named foobar.svg in the respective folders.
    • If you have only raster images available, please search for a SVG version. Ask for help in the nf-core Slack if in doubt (please do not add SVG files with embedded raster images - vector only).
      • Tip: Wikipedia often uses the SVG format of displayed logos available for the download.
      • If you were not successful at this point, skip it and let us know about it in the pull request.
      • Note: Please make sure that you have the permission to use logos of your institution in an open source project. Organizations often don’t have any concerns about it, and just want to be notified.
  5. After you did the hardest part, please open a pull request from your fork. The modifications shall be compared to the master branch nf-core/nf-core. We will provide you feedback if anything looks weird or hasn’t been properly done. Feel free to let us know on Slack in the #request-review channel.