PR Review Checklist for nf-core/tools

While the infrastructure team is responsible for overseeing the PR review process for nf-core/tools, these guidelines can assist community members in reviewing PRs and ensure that the review process is consistent and effective. The following is a collection of points to have into account during the review process.


The nf-core/tools documentation is located in the nf-core/website. If the changes made to the nf-core/tools affect this documentation, the contributor will have to open a PR to update it on that repo. You will have to review that both updates are in sync.


Python styling

Template modifications

If the PR is modifying the files under nf-core/pipeline-template:


You can see an example of code which is skipped if the pipeline is not an nf-core pipeline. And an example of files skipped depending of customisation options.

Command modifications

If the PR modifies how an nf-core command works.