Credits and Acknowledgements

Where previous work from other pipelines / projects is used within a pipeline, the original author(s) must be properly acknowledged. Some examples on how you could do that to make sure they feel valued:

  • Send them a message via Slack and let them know that you use their work & had to change something to fit your own purpose. If in doubt, check with them to see how they would like to be acknowledged.
  • Check the license of their code and/or graphics components and make sure you obey the rules that this license imposes (e.g. CC-BY means you have to attribute the original creator).
  • If you use portions of pipeline code, even if its just tiny pieces:
    • Link to the original repository and/or authors.
    • Leave existing credits and acknowledgement sections intact - there may be more than just a single author involved.
  • If you find bugs / issues, report and fix them upstream in the main project.

If in doubt about what to do, ask the nf-core community about it on Slack.