Publication Credit

Pipeline publications should acknowledge the nf-core community (e.g. in an academic journal).

At a minimum, the nf-core community should be thanked in the acknowledgment section. A good example is from the nf-core/clipseq) preprint:

We would also like to thank the nf-core team, in particular Harshil Patel, Phil Ewels and Maxime Garcia, for welcoming us to the nf-core community and their assistance in reviewing and releasing the pipeline. We would also like to thank the nf-core community for developing the nf-core infrastructure and resources for Nextflow pipelines. A full list of nf-core community members is available at

Other examples: (nf-core/eager).

Optionally, the nf-core community can be included as a consortium co-author of the publication (example). This route is a good idea when a pipeline has used extensive existing nf-core pipeline infrastructure (e.g. modules) that were written by other members of the community not directly involved in the pipeline itself.

If any members of the nf-core community have provided significant input to the creation of the pipeline, please consider adding them as coauthors on the paper directly.

If in doubt, contact the core team for guidance.