Join us for our weekly series of short talks: “nf-core/bytesize”.

Just 15 minutes + questions, we will be focussing on topics about using and developing nf-core pipelines. These will be recorded and made available at It is our hope that these talks / videos will build an archive of training material that can complement our documentation. Got an idea for a talk? Let us know on the #bytesize Slack channel!

Bytesize: nf-core/pangenome

nf-core/pangenome is a bioinformatics best-practice analysis pipeline for pangenome graph construction. The pipeline renders a collection of sequences into a pangenome graph with the goal to to build a graph that is locally directed and acyclic while preserving large-scale variation. Simon Heumos (@subwaystation) is going to show us the ins and outs of this pipeline.