Inaugural talk of the nf-core Animal Genomics special interest group. Christa Kühn, president of the Friedrich Loeffler Institute, BovReg project coordinator, and former coordinator of EuroFAANG RI discusses the future of animal genomics and what are the bioinformatics challenges to face for the analysis of data in this field.

The talk was followed by a round table to discuss the structure of the series with the participants. Round table participants were Cedric Notredame (@cnotred, CRG), Christa Kühn (Friedrich Loeffler Institute), Phil Ewels (@ewels, Seqera), Sarah Djebali (@sdjebali, IRSD) and Sylvain Foissac (INRAe). The session was chaired by Jose Espinosa-Carrasco (@joseespinosa, CRG)