Join us in person for the May 2024 nf-core hackathon!

This hackathon will be held in advance of the Nextflow Summit 2024 in Boston, America 🇺🇸. You can find out more information about the summit at https://summit.nextflow.io/2024/boston/.

The Boston nf-core hackathon will be in-person only, without the hybrid / online features that we have used in other events (e.g., Gather Town). Anyone is free to join remotely, as we will be using the same GitHub Project boards and Slack communication as usual. However, please be aware, we won’t actively be trying to run this as a hybrid event.

Venue: Aloft Boston Seaport District

The hackathon will be taking place in at the Aloft Boston Seaport District

More information about this venue can be found on the Nextflow Summit website.

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The hackathon will run from Tuesday May 21 to Wednesday May 22.

TimeTuesday, May 21Wednesday, May 22
09.00 AMRegistration and pastriesArrivals and pastries
10.00 AMHackathon welcomeHackathon Session 3
10.30 AMHackathon Session 1
01.00 PMLunchLunch
02.00 PMHackathon Session 2Hackathon Session 4
04.45 PMHackathon daily syncHackathon wrap-up
05.00 PM
06.00 PMSocial event

Pre-hackathon checklist

Ensure you have read/signed up/joined/installed the following resources before the hackathon.

How to hack!

We will be a lot of people working in parallel during this hackathon, so to stay organized we have a recommended workflow:

  1. 💬 Chat with your group to get an overview of what is going on.

  2. Join the relevant Slack channel(s) to stay up to date and discuss with your project members.

  3. Find a task to work on using the GitHub Project Board.

    • If you have something you want to do that’s not there, please make an issue and add it to the board.
  4. 🙋 Assign yourself to the issue that you’re currently working on (preferably one issue at a time).

    • This is so that multiple people don’t accidentally work on the same task.
  5. ⏩ When you’re done, make a pull request with your changes.

    • Link it to the issue so that the issue closes when merged.
  6. 📄 Describe your work on the Google slides for the project and tell the group! 🎉

  7. 📝 While waiting to receive a review - try reviewing someone else’s PR!

  8. ♻️ Repeat!


The hackathon is a great opportunity to work on any nf-core related work that you have been putting off or didn’t have time for. To help you find like-minded people or possible things to work on, we will have the following topics (formally known as groups):


The nf-test group will focus on implementing nf-test within nf-core modules, subworkflows, and pipelines.

Suggested projects / teams:

  • Adding nf-test to existing pipelines
  • Adding nf-test to modules
  • Adding nf-test to subworkflows
  • Improving nf-test documentation and the nf-core documentation on testing

Group Leaders


The pipelines group will focus on any pipeline-related work. This could be a DSL2 conversion of a pipeline, a new or improved feature for a pipeline, or an entirely new pipeline (please let us register a new pipeline already before the hackathon, following our guidelines). These are typically led by the main pipeline developers if they also attend the hackathon.

Suggested projects / teams:

  • Implementing nf-test within pipelines
  • Adding new functionality to existing pipelines
  • Updating pipelines to use the latest nf-core template, via template syncs
  • Teams formed around work on specific pipelines

Group Leaders

Modules & Subworkflows

The modules group welcomes anyone who wants to work on current or new modules + subworkflows at nf-core/modules.

Suggested projects / teams:

  • Implementing nf-test for modules
  • Creating new modules, see issue list
  • Stubs for all modules

Group Leaders


The nf-core website and central tooling are always being improved. If you’d like to make a difference to nf-core without writing any Nextflow code, this is the group for you!

Suggested projects / teams:

  • Subworkflows nf-core/tools infrastructure
  • Template customisation with feature flags
  • Stripped down/customisable nf-core pipeline template
  • New nf-core website features (if you have some expierence with modern JavaScript or want to learn)
  • Improve the devOps for nf-core (GitHub actions, CI/CD, etc.)
  • Add Bioconda ARM support

Group Leaders

Socials activities

During the hackathon, we will have light-hearted fun and games! Special prizes are up for grabs for the winners!

  • 🏌️ Puttschack mini golf (Tuesday, May 21, 06:00 PM – 09:00 PM)
    • Join us for an evening of tech-infused mini golf, networking, food and drinks at Puttschack!
    • Connect with fellow participants of the Nextflow nf-core hackathon and training while enjoying a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere.
    • Complimentary food and drinks will be provided.
  • ❓ Quiz (Wednesday, May 22, 02:00 PM – 02:30 PM)
    • Join us for the nf-core hackathon quiz.
    • Questions will test your nf-core and general knowledge.
    • Winners will receive a prize!

All social activities are of course optional, but we hope to see as many people joining in as possible.

Other helpful resources

Bytesize talks

There are many talks about Nextflow and nf-core on the nf-core Bytesize playlist. In particular, the talk about using git and GitHub in an nf-core environment may be useful.

Tutorials and docs on the nf-core website

Help with coding and nf-core tools

Adding to pipelines

Creating a new pipeline

Code of conduct

Please note that our Code of Conduct applies to the Hackathon, and all participants need to abide by our guidelines to participate. We should all feel responsible for making nf-core events safe and fun for everyone.

You can also report any CoC violations directly to safety@nf-co.re. Our safety officers will contact you to follow up on your report.

In case of an immediate perceived threat at the hackathon, please reach out to any of staff or organizers on site.