Join us in person for the November 2023 nf-core hackathon!

This hackathon will be held in advance of the Nextflow Summit 2023 in Boston, America 🇺🇸. You can find out more information about the summit at https://summit.nextflow.io.

This hackathon is not meant to be a training event but aimed at people that already have a basic understanding of Nextflow and/or nf-core. If you’re interested in learning Nextflow and nf-core, there will be free online workshops spanning all global timezones in September. For more information and the training registration link, see the Community Foundational Nextflow Training and Community Advanced Nextflow Training pages.


You can register to attend the hackathon in-person or online using the links on the Nextflow Summit website: https://summit.nextflow.io/register

You can register for the nf-core hackathon or the Nextflow Summit, or both. You’re welcome to attend in-person or online. Attendance online is free, attending in person costs €79 (€100 incl. VAT).

Registration closes September 9, or when sold out.

Be sure to register early to avoid disappointment!

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The hackathon will run from Tuesday 28th November to Wednesday 29th November. The preliminarily schedule is outlined below.

Time Tue. 28 Nov., 2023 Wed. 29 Nov., 2023
09:00 Registration + Breakfast Breakfast
10:00 Welcome Hackathon
10:30 Hackathon
13:00 Lunch Lunch
14:00 Hackathon
17:00 Day Summary
18:30 Hackathon Social


To keep work and discussion during the hackathon manageable, we will organise everyone into groups. You are free to change groups as you wish during the hackathon.

We will coordinate our work and the issues we are working on using a single GitHub project board (we’ll post a link here closer to the time). There will be a separate tab for each group where will have collated a list of relevant issues.

Venue: Boston Park Plaza

The in-person hackathon will be taking place in at the Boston Park Plaza. More information about this venue can be found the the Nextflow Summit website.

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Code of conduct

Please note that by attending the hackathon you are agreeing to abide by our Code of Conduct.