Join us in person for the October 2024 nf-core hackathon!

This hackathon will be held in advance of the Nextflow Summit 2024 in Barcelona, Spain. You can find out more information about the summit at https://summit.nextflow.io/2024/barcelona/.

The Barcelona nf-core hackathon will be in-person only, without the hybrid / online features that we have used in other events (e.g., Gather Town). Anyone is free to join remotely, as we will be using the same GitHub Project boards and Slack communication as usual. However, please be aware, we won’t actively be trying to run this as a hybrid event.


Registration for the nf-core hackathon is now open!

You can register for the hackathon on the Nextflow Summit website. Please note that tickets are limited, so register early to avoid disappointment.

Register early to benefit from the early-bird discount codes!

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Socials activities

During the hackathon, we will have light-hearted fun and games! Special prizes are up for grabs for the winners!

More details will be available soon.

Venue: World Trade Center Barcelona

The hackathon will be taking place at the World Trade Center Barcelona.

The World Trade Center is a premier business complex on the Barcelona waterfront, offering offices, conference facilities, and a hotel, and known for hosting a variety of international business events and trade shows.

More information about this venue can be found on the Nextflow Summit website.

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Helpful resources

Bytesize talks

There are many talks about Nextflow and nf-core on the nf-core Bytesize playlist. In particular, the talk about using git and GitHub in an nf-core environment may be useful.

Tutorials and docs on the nf-core website

Help with coding and nf-core tools

Adding to pipelines

Creating a new pipeline

Code of conduct

Please note that our Code of Conduct applies to the Hackathon, and all participants need to abide by our guidelines to participate. We should all feel responsible for making nf-core events safe and fun for everyone.

You can also report any CoC violations directly to safety@nf-co.re. Our safety officers will contact you to follow up on your report.

In case of an immediate perceived threat at the hackathon, please reach out to any of staff or organizers on site.