Join us for our weekly series of short talks: nf-core/bytesize.

Just 15 minutes + questions, we focus on topics about using and developing nf-core pipelines. These are recorded and made available at , helping to build an archive of training material. Got an idea for a talk? Let us know on the #bytesize Slack channel!

In this week’s bytesize Daniel Lundin (@erikrikarddaniel), James A. Fellows Yates (@jfy133) and Carson J. Miller (@carsonjm) introduce the Special Interest Group “meta-omics”. This group is a place to discuss the subject around meta genomics, meta taxonomics, meta barcoding, meta transcriptomics, meta proteomics and all other meta omics - basically any field that aims to study more than a single organism at the same time. Some of the pipelines that would fall into this Special Interest Group are nf-core/ampliseq, nf-core/taxprofiler, nf-core/mag, nf-core/metatdenovo, and nf-core/magmap, amongst others.