Join us for our weekly series of short talks: nf-core/bytesize.

Just 15 minutes + questions, we focus on topics about using and developing nf-core pipelines. These are recorded and made available at , helping to build an archive of training material. Got an idea for a talk? Let us know on the #bytesize Slack channel!

Wave is a container provisioning service integrated with Nextflow. With Wave, you can build, upload, and manage the container images required by your data analysis workflows automatically and on-demand during pipeline execution. Phil Ewels (@ewels) will show us in this bytesize the different ways of how wave can be utilized.

Phil will cover:

  • The problems that Wave tries to solve (why you should care)
  • An introduction to how Docker containers are made
  • A breakdown of how Wave works
  • How Wave helps with: speed of development, reproducibility, security, SBOMs, repository authorisation.
  • Example usage of Wave using in Nextflow pipelines, using the Wave CLI and the API.
  • Some ideas about how nf-core could make use of Wave in the future